What is $handles.exchange ?

It’s a new way to exchange Cardano Native Token (CNT) using an NFT-powered naming solution for Cardano addresses. It facilitates transactions by allowing users to send their CNT to a specific address to receive the corresponding value in the desired currency.

We are NOT affiliated with the official Ada Handle team. We are building on top of their amazing work.

How does it work ?

All you have to do is send your CNT to the special address for currency conversion. You will then receive the equivalent value in your portfolio. For example, if you send 10 ADA to $buyindy, you’ll get back 10 ADA worth of $INDY at the spot rate.

What currencies are covered by the service?

Initially we will only open the service for the ADA/iUSD pair. We plan to add any CNT in the near future.

How does the protocol knows what i am asking for ?

We have a list of handles specific to the use of $handles.exchange. Each handle is unique and identifies your needs. You can find the list here.

How do I know the exchange rate?

The exchange rate is available on our home page and in the metadata of your transaction once it has been completed.

How long does it takes to exchange ?

About 1min30s. Because it’s a simple transaction on the blockchain, it’s relatively quick to make an exchange. Please note that periods of network congestion may cause additional delays.

How much does an exchange cost ?

We charge 1% fees + 1 ADA to cover transaction fee.

Can i use the service from a CEX ?

Not until CEX supports CNT. We advise you to use cardano’s native wallets that supports Ada Handle standards such as Nami, Lace, Eternl, Flint, Typhoon, GeroWallet…

What will happen if I misspell the handles or if I send it to the wrong handle?

This may result in the loss of your funds. We strongly advise you to consult the handle list here before making any transactions on the protocol.

I can’t connect my wallet, help ?

The service operates natively on the blockchain, so there’s no need to connect a wallet.

If the FAQ hasn’t answered your questions, don’t hesitate to join our discord – we’d be delighted to answer them!